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Good evening all,

 Would you believe Global Visas has had the audacity to change their company name and think they will not be caught out…they are now calling themselves IXP Visas. Go look at their website….http://www.ixpvisas.com/about/. I would have not realized they were one in the same if I hadn’t first gotten the email on my phone, which doesn’t load images correctly and as I scrolled down, one of the boxes said ‘Global Visas changes’, which got me curious so I read the email on my iPad. When the email loads fully with all images, no mention can be found of Global Visas!!?

 So I did a site comparison! Word for word copying of the great service they offer, and the best part, they have the same address and telephone number as Global Visas!! Please spread this message far and wide, they will NOT get away with this so easily!!


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